Breed Standard
As per Australian Cat Federation Official Standard - January 2013
The ideal cat is svelte, elegant, with long tapering lines, supple and well muscled. Overall tyope is
allotted 50 points and the remaining 50 points are divided fro coat, eye colour and condition.
Of medium size, in proportion to the body, well balanced; wedge-shaped with straight lines.
wedge starts at the nose and gradually increases in wirdth in straight lines on each side
to the ears. There should be no whisker break in these lines. The
ears are large, pointed,
wide at the base and continue the lines of the wedge. The
skull viewded in profile is slightly
convex. The
nose is long and straight continuing the line from the forehead without any
break. The
muzzle is narrow. the chin and jaw are medium, the tip of the chin forming a
vertical line with the tip of the nose. The
eyes are medium in size, neither protruding nor
recessed; almond in shape and set slightly slanted towards the nose to be in harmony with
the lines of the wedge.
The outline of the head and ears form an
equilateral triangle when viewed from the front.
Medium in size, long and svelte, well muscled but still dainty and elegant. The shoulders
are not wider than the hips.
Neck long and slender.
Legs long and fine, in proportion to the body. Feet small and oval. Hind legs longer than
front legs.
Tail very long; thin (also at the base), tapering to a fine point.
very short, fine, glossy and lying close to the body.
General Standard
to conform to the individual colour standard.
For all varieties of Siamese, slight shading on the body harmonising with the points colour
is permissible; deeper body colour is allowed for older cats.
Faults: belly spots and spots on the flanks; white hairs or brindling in the points; bars in
the points (except in tabby points); tendency to squint.
Disqualifications: white toe or toes; any other than blue eye colour.
Pure and limpid, bright, intense blue.
Scale of Points for Siamese
Body, legs and tail                          25
Head, ears and eyes                       25
Coat colour                                  10
Coat texture                                 10
Colour of points                            10
Eye colour                                    15
Condition                                        5
Total                                           100