This page is dedicated to those beloved felines that have proudly, honourably and beautifully given so very very much to enrich the
lives of Bev and Tony. They have been a family member of KALINYA CATTERY and whether on the Show Bench, in the loungeroom,
on our knees or in our bed they have enriched our lives from their beginning to their end.
We have captured their beauty and their story on this page to have their memory with us forever and to share with the World that
which they have given to us so freely.
11th March 1995 - 17th January 2007
CCCA Ch & Gld Dbl Gd Ch & ACT Dbl Gd Ch Kalinya Adiona was our
living advertisement as to why prospective customers should own a
Siamese. Each person who entered our home had to talk and handle
Adiona. She was spayed at a young age, never giving birth, but she
assisted each of our mums as is required. As
our most titled Siamese,
Adiona loved the show circuit visiting many different venues and enjoying
the luxuries of some splendid accommodation. A little on the heavy side in
her senior years, Adiona's beauty still earned her Best in Show awards at
age 10.
She was trained by Tony at an early age to "give 5" - yes the siamese
handshake !!  The only reward she took to amaze so very very many was
the loving pats and words of praise from Tony.
Failing kidneys have taken you from us too early Adiona, you were our
superstar ! You may be gone but you will
never be forgotten.
28th August 1990 - 20th July 2007
CCCA Ch & Brz Dbl Gd Ch  Mirra Orielle was the beginning again of
Kalinya cattery's return to breeding the magnificent Siamese in 1991. Our
sincere and deepest thanks must go to Francine Skane for not only allowing
us to have one of her "pure" seal point Siamese Mirra babies for showing
and breeding, but for providing us with Orielle.

I cannot begin to reflect on all the delights and pleasures that Orielle has
given to me. She was
my bed companion with her most protected position
against my side,
my travelling companion on so many trips to shows
particularly those in country NSW (Griffith, Temora, Bathurst, Lithgow),
when other mums were birthing their kittens, my reliever of stress
after a day of work,
my lap warmer when I sat in front of TV, my comforter
of Bev
when I was away from home, my ambassador of the siamese breed
whilst on the show bench or when people visited our home  -  but most all
she was
my best friend !
Still a kitten at heart right up until the last few months, Orielle was the
matriarch of our feline family. True to Siamese ancestry, she also had the
finest achievements was to earn a 16pts Challenge & CCCA at the Sydney
Royal Easter Show in 1998.

Chronic Renal Failure has taken you from us Orielle. You were the icon of
Kalinya ! We know that you are now at peace . Bev and I would like to thank
you so very much for the enrichment that you gave to both our lives.
You may be gone but you will
never be forgotten.
Gd Ch Kalinya Flaming Love is the first progeny kept from our Orielle.
Flame reared three (3) litters before being desexed in early 1996.
Amongst her finest achievements were providing us with Chamron,
Adiona and Zenna who you will find also on our website. She was a
real "shoulder hugger" and just loved her "dad".
To reflect on our Flame is to again remember our Orielle.
My bed
companion, my assistant
when grating the cheese, my reliever of
after a day of work, my lap warmer when I sat in front of TV,
my comforter of Bev when I was away from home, my ambassador of
the siamese breed by showing everyone just how relaxed and placid
they could be - but most all she was
my best friend !
How very lucky we at Kalinya have been to have had such wonderful
mother and daughter Siamese,
WOW !! At 14 years of age she  won both 13pt Challenges on offer at
the Riverina Cat Show held 23rd June 2007. Proudly she brought
home for Bev & I the Kalinya Adiona Memorial Trophy for Best
Siamese Seal Point Spay.
Chronic Renal Failure and a detached retina has taken you from us
Flame.  We know that you are now at peace beside your Mum. Bev
and I would like to thank you so very much for the enrichment that you
gave to both our lives.
You may be gone but you will
never be forgotten.
18th March 1993  -  21st January 2008
Ch Kalinya Chamron was born to be a mum. Chamron just
loved having children and rearing them. She has provided us with
thirteen (13)
magnificent litters and another of our brood
queens, Jaya. As a lady of leisure, having been spayed, she
enjoyed the hasle-free lifestyle and of course all the food she
could find. Chamron never had an agressive bone in her body yet
those around her new who she was & what role she had in our
family. She loved her babies & loved shoing them to enquiring
prospective owners of them. Chamron and Addeiam Satiny
Solomon (imp UK) are  the proud parents of our best ever
performed litter which included Sir Rocky (Kalinya's
first Gold
Double Grand Champion) and Chamroque (a Grand Champion
who moved to Queensland).Well done Chamron !!
Chronic renal failure has taken you too Chamo, but we know that
you wil be at rest with others of the Kalinya family.
You may be gone but will
never be forgotten.
17th September 1994   -  11th July 2008
5th November 1995 - 17th July 2008
Kalinya Zenna at a very young age decided that she loved our Siamese
household that much that she was not going to live anywhere else. At the
sound of a door knock, Zenna was no where to be found other than way up
the back of the house away from potential new owners. Our very first and only
(???) kitten not to be re-homed. Spayed after four (4) litters, possibly she is
cleverest ?
As Zenna aged in to seniority, she allowed many selected visitors to our home
to give her attention. She even sought it from those few "chosen ones".
With the passing of Mum Flame & Grandma Orielle, Zenna did mourn for them
but she did we are sure enjoy the acquired matriarch role in their absence,
something she never would have acquired or even aspired to whilst the were
Sadly, Zenna was in early renal failure when we relocated back to Unanderra
in the midst of a cold wet winter & coupled with this she contracted the flu &
could not survive.  We know Zenna enjoyed her life at Kalinya as we at Kalinya
enjoyed having her. You may be gone but will
never be forgotten, Zen Zen.
28th August 1998 - 11th July 2008
Kalinya Petaling Jaya, a very petite seal point siamese, after experiencing
difficulty and a caesarean after her  tenth mating was spayed. Jaya and
sire, Evaleeta Domingo, provided us with our first non-seal point siamese -
a blue point male. A follow-up litter with GC Cintasaya Pharoah as sire gave
us another blue point - this time a female, Pharaya, who after rearing a few
litters now lives a life of luxury with us as a spay.
Her matings with Outback produced many many lovely siamese, some of
which have rehomed to Catteries who still use this successful line. Jaya's
eye colour never faded & she displayed the real deep blue that lovers of
Siamese just love.
Jaya enjoyed many years living in the "diva's" quarters outside with
Chamron and Pharaya as well as with neuters Jochan and Jacob.
Jaya tried valiantly to look after her Mum Chamron when she took ill &
would not leave her side in an attempt to help her retuin to good health.
Unfortunately & so sadly, Jaya contracted the flu & the very very hard
decision, in consultation with our Vet, to let her go with her Mum was made
in the best interests of Jaya.
You gave so much to Kalinya our petite Petaling, You may be gone but
never be forgotten.
8th December 2005 -
Pandora Sophia is a seal point female with very strong genetics from the
older lines. With our Jaya reaching the time where her breeding days appeared
limited or ended, Bev & I decided to find a kitten that would continue on with
what we began. Sophia's ancestry provides us at Kalinya with Mirra, Comenarra,
Azuli, Hurdshill, Sucheng, Dandalun, Cintasaya, Sugarbay, & Duqoi - fabulous
old "pure" siamese bloodlines !!
As you can see from the current Kalinya Family, we have retained that which
has given us the long time friends & companions i.e. Orielle, Flame, Chamron ....
Sophia has a more traditional head type, with quite large ears, very good eye
shape however eye colour is a little on the light side.
Our thanks and congratulations to Bev Smith for allowing us to have Sophia.

Unfortunately, whilst rearing her babies, Sophia developed Pyometra ( a very
rare disease of the uterus) and has had an emergency hysterectomy, very
prematurely ending her breeding career. She will now remain with us to help
promote ownership of a Siamese. Our best ever Siamese to the judging
standard, a chocolate point male named Kwantus, was transferred via Quantas
back to USA to be living testimony of this mating & to continue the bloodlines of
his dad, Outback.

With Sophia being such a youngster & due to our other brood queens being so
maternal,Bev & I made the decision to rehome our very first adult. Thankfully,
Jane Hills, on behalf of her parents, Keith & Bev contacted us at the right time &
offered Sophia an ideal home to spend her life. She is now a proud resident at
Towoon Bay, on the Central Coast of NSW, after Bev & I delivered her.
Gone to a new home but will
never be forgotten.
" Our beloved Kalinya Saba Mazoe Trevena was taken
from us in the prime of his beautiful life. As cheeky as can be
and with an attitude to boot, I miss you so terribly. An
acquaintance described you as "my recovery" after the
traumatic birth of my second child who now has special
needs. I saw you as my third child. You were taken away
from me too soon. Saba may your spirit live on and know
how much you are still loved.
Susi, Sophie, Stephanie and Scott Trevena xoxoxox "
You may be gone but you will
never be forgotten.
18th December 2007 -  2010
The following is on behalf of precious owners of a Kalinya Siamese:
17th December 1966 - 1983
It all began with ALKIRA NAYUKA !!  Way back in 1966 when I first was
granted my breeding prefix "
Kalinya" by RASCC, did my love of Siamese
evolve in to breeding these wonderful companions. Mum Val had just
previously commenced her Siamese breeding under the Alkira prefix & once
that first litter was born I just had to have one of my own. Mum & Dad
succumbed to the pressures that a teenage boy inflicts, & so entered
Nayuka. A nature to die for and so accepting of the attention that I gave.
Show bench success was not her forte but companionship & affection was
unending. A wonderful friend & although
gone will never be forgotten.
15th February 2001 -  6th April 2012
Barcoo Bubble "N" Squeak was a "blue" addition to our household as a
result of our son Mark's desire to have a British Shorthair. Bred in the
Highlands of New South Wales at Hill Top, near Bowral, by Irene Chandler,  
Squeaky became the best of mates with Za, so much so that for their
entire lives they shared the same accomodation. In his early life with us,
Squeaky was our cattery superstar,  winning a good share of Best in Show
awards at the few shows he entered. His big bold eyes, round head and
resilient coat qualities earned him his Silver Double Grand Champion title.
Squeaky was also awarded the Bristish Shorthair Cat Society Neuter Cat of
the Year 2001 - 2002.
We were always amazed and humoured by our undersized Britsih and our
oversized Russian and the bond and love that they had for each other. The
gentle little slap that you gave each of us who dared to handle you will
remain the fondest of memories.

Although you are gone Squeaky,we know that one day you will be reunited
with Za.We chose the spot in our garden to ensure this for you both
Thanks for that which you gave Mark and Kalinya Cattery. You may be
gone but will
never be forgotten.
Our Siamese breeding program filled with excitement with the addition to
our home of Gd Ch Lealjo
Delly, a chocolate point Siamese. Joan
Wright in allowing us to have Delly, greatly assisted us in breeding
extraordinarily beautiful chocolate points.Kittens by our Outback and from
Delly received high accolades for their coat colour and texture from so
many judges when exhibited at cat shows. Delly had a fantastic nature
with a very loud purr and just loved to curl up and knead with her paws....a
nature that transferred to her kittens.
Delly was fiercely maternal and would not tolerate another queen in her
vicinity. So when her kittens were rehomed Delly moved back to her
outside cattery. She just loved to sit in her chair in the sun & talk to Bev as
she walked by to the clothesline. Strangely yet happily, once she was
desexed and Sabisha, our blue point was also desexed they bonded back
together as they did when they each came in to our home as kittens. Add
Leo to their environment & the three lived contently. Delly was the
smallest of them but never ever took a backward step when confronted by
either of the other two.
Delly was a fabulous mother, nurturing her kittens wonderfully and never
had a caesarean.  Eleven litters on, and her final litter before desexing
she provided us with one kitten........a continuation of her line, a female
now known as  Dellina.
Sadly, lymphoma has taken you from us here at Kalinya way way to early.
Delly, the legacy you leave with us is so many beautiful chocolate point
Siamese kittens in Australia and abroad. We have memories of them, but
our fondest memory, is of our wonderful Mum Delly.
You may be gone but will
never be forgotten.
4th April 2004 -  20th December 2012
2nd November 1999 - 22nd November 2013
This beautiful boy is driving over the Rainbow Bridge as he is way to
classy to just walk!!
A birthday present for Bev in February 2000 saw a Russian Blue enter
our household. CCCA Ch & Gld Dbl Gd Champion Siblu
Za Rudakov
has brought so much to our home. From day one when Za was brought
home, he assumed a presence that the meses knew they had to accept.
He knew he was good, loved showing off and has become the
"bodyguard" of the household. The "Siblu" qualities had been well
bestowed on this fabulous exhibit of a Russian. At many a show, this
man brought tears of joy to so many and a created a friendly
competitiveness amongst our cat show associates. His list of
achievements are many with the following being highlights in a short and
illustious career :

** Supreme Exhibit in Show, Sydney Royal Easter Kitten Show 2000
** 1st NSWCFA Group 3 Kitten of the Year 2000
** 2nd NSWCFA GRoup 2 Neuter Cat of the Year 2000
** 3rd NSWCFA Group 3 Neiter Cat of the Year 2001
This superstar having achieved so much was retired to enjoy his "cubby
house" with his British Shorthair blue mate, Squeaky (now deceased).
Upon our return to Wollongong in 2008, he buddied up & rooomed with
a few extra of our "senior citizens", namely Jochan, Jacob & Pharaya.

Having endured a malignant tumour in 2006, sadly he was taken from us
with renal failure and has found his way back to be reunited with his best
mate Squeaky.
So many visitors to our home & cattery fell in love the the big blue
Russian. Many felt the need to contact his breeder to enquire about
having their own Russian.
As they will never forget you, you are blessed our Za,  to us here at
Kalinya knowing your are Gone but
Never to be Forgotten.
9th November 2001 - 15th May 2014
Kalinya Pharaya continued our breeding program following the spaying of
Chamron. Unfortunately, with difficulties in birthing her third litter in October
2003 Pharaya has been desexed destined to spend her retirement in comfort
and luxury in the Kalinya household. Pharaya added a very well performing line
on the show bench, that of Gd Ch Cintasaya Pharaoh, a blue point Siamese.
Pharaya being a blue point Siamese, produced both chocolate and seal point
Siamese. She is of good type with a strong body. Pharaya has a devilish
personality and just loves getting in to any mischief. She also enjoys perching
herself on your shoulder, jumping from many an obscure location to achieve her
desire. From a litter born 6th April 2003, Pharaya produced Kalinya Pharout
Bosanova, a seal point female who achieved Ring 2 BEST GROUP 2 FEMALE
KITTEN. This was a tremendous result considering she was just 12 weeks of age
and against 20 other female kittens!!
"Cocky" as she was affectionately known, lived for many years in the "Divas"
enclosure with Za (RIP), Squeaky (RIP), Jochan and Jacob. She was just one of
the boys & although the smallest of the lot, she gave well above her size &
We will miss her not being out on her verandah watching the clothes go on the
line or the garden being tended to, but rest assured we know that although she
has crossed the Rainbow Bridge that she is watching us.
"Cocky" you may be Gone but You will
Never Be Forgotten.
18th February 2000 - 13th October 2014
Rocky, like so many cats had a wonderful memory and never forgot the "Kalinya" whistle that he learned from a baby was
associated with not only food and attention but with Bev and me. On visits to Marg's home and with years in between, a
whistle coming up the driveway pricked Rocky's ears and brought him to the front door to greet us.
Sadly in 2011 his health took a turn for the worse and a lung infection appeared to be the cause.. Subsequent tests over
the ensuing 3 years identified a tumour which was resistent to the love, time, effort and financial support given by Marg
and saw Rocky taken from us all in October 2014.
SIR ROCKY may be Gone, but he will Never Be Forgotten as he will always be the Home page ambassador on our
Kalinya website.
Throughout the life and times of Kalinya there has been no finer
ambassador for our breeding than
Rocky. His style, temperament,
character and purrsonality attracted so many people to not only
own a Siamese but a Kalinya Siamese. The show circuit quickly
came to know of this beautiful "pure" Siamese and his owners Rob
Frank and Marg Gill who travelled from their home in Woonona to  
shows throughout NSW and ACT to promote their boy Rocky,
promote Siamese and to enjoy the many varied venues.
?? September 2002 - 16th June 2015
Jacob is a brown tabby and white male who entered our home as a "feral"
kitten born somewhere in our neighbourhood in 2002. Being coaxed in to our
backyard by Za, Squeaky and Outback, this young man was captured by Bev
and from then on enjoyed life in a lovely room in our cattery. Warm, dry nights
with two meals per day and with plenty of affection, Jacob quickly realised that
he was a lucky lucky young man. Gaining confidence in us humans very
slowly day by day, Jacob was eventually desexed. He grew to enjoy the
company of his "outside" friends and enjoyed mixing in with them. HIs beauty
though could only be seen from afar as his "feral" nature prevented handling
& showing.
In 2009, a Worldwide Virtual Cat Show to raise funds for victims of the
Victorian Buishfires was held. Jacob placed in all 10 rings and was BEST
Group 4 Exhibit in two of them.
Such a handsome boy who gave much to the feline buddies with whom he
shared and who gave us at Kalinya so many memories.
A long time heart murmur may have taken Jacob with him now being Gone but
He Will
Never Be Forgotten.
26th January 2001 - 12th November 2015
(PRA: Heterozygous - one copy, Does not carry Blue)
Oh what this remarkable, respectable, gentle man has given
during his life to not only Bev and I and Kalinya Siamese but to
the Siamese breed in Australia.
US Gd Ch Jmagz
Outback of Myrlyn with his strong new genes
arrived with us 9th February 2002 and excited us at Kalinya
immediately. A chocolate point Siamese with a fabulous body
length, a tail that balanced the body length, an unbelievable coat
colour and texture and most of all having endured the traumas
associated with export/import, a terrific nature and purrsonality.
Great credit for this goes to his American breeders J & R
Henderson and E & R Honey for the nurturing and preparation
that they gave him prior to departing USA as well as the staff at
AQIS for the care and attention that they gave him during his first
30 days in Australia. As a youngster Outback performed well on
the show bench having earned his NSW Champion title in June
2002, Grand Champion title in June 2003, Double Grand
Champion in March 2004 and Bronze Double Grand Champion
on Sept 2004. Preferring to maintain his loving nature which is so
important in a working stud, we retired him from the show bench
in 2004.
This remarkable, gentle stud living outdoors for most of his life
was content with a few matings a year which over his life
produced 234 kittens at an average litter size of 4.5. The last of
his litters to our Milla was born two days prior to his going over
the Rainbow Bridge - a litter of six nontheless!!
His bond with Bev was undeniably strong as he was always in
waiting for her visits with him and her passing by him on her way
to the clothesline each and every day.He took great interest in
the arriival of our new stud Yumi and never showed any
agression towards him when allowed to visit each otther through
the cattery security door.
Bev and I are well pleased with the improvements he has given to
our lines and are looking forward to adding to the success of
pure Siamese breeding well in to the future.

What a legacy our
Outback has left as he has sired so many
wonderfully natured and genetically robust Siamese around
Australia and beyond. He has provided us with many new friends
and a friend for life in Ellyn Honey. He has given our lines the
improvements we sought and so many years of pleausre in
owning him  - a legacy that although he is GONE
20th May 2002 - 12th November 2015
Kalinya Jochan is a seal point replica of his Dad -
Outback. He is very long in body and tail with the same head
features of Outback. Not one for wanting to venture outside
our doors, Jochan learned well from Zenna, and has become
our second feline to "not want to leave our home". Being
from the very first litter sired by Outback and demonstarting
they body qualitites that we invested in bringing Outback to
Australia, Bev and I accepted his remaining with us as a
neuter to spend his life in luxury with his relatives. Most of
this time will be with his Dad in the outside cattery and his
friends  Pharaya, Jacob, Za and Squeaky.
Sadly Jochan has fallen fate to renal disease which has seen
his health detriorate significantly over recent months. When
the decision was made to let his Dad go over the Rainbow
Bridge and as Jochan was in poorer condition as verified by
our Vet, we agreed to let father and son travel together.
A quiet, uncomplicated fellow who settled in with any cats
that were added to his environment HE MAY BE GONE BUT
3rd December 2012 - 8th August 2016
Our much travelled Kalinya MO Gentilhomme (known as Jonty) provided so much to Kalinya in his shortened life. From such a very young age Jonty displayed the type,
colouring and personality of being not only beautiful Siamese but a
stunning "pure" Siamese. He was stamped with the qualities of his Dad Mandu & his Mum Oriemme.
Sadly Mandu passed away at almost 13 years of age missing seeing the success that would befall his seal point son. His Mum's breeding career was shortened with her being
desexed in 2014 having had a too many chronic difficulties, albeit satisfying our programme with some stunning examples of the Siamese breed.
At the Sydney Royal 2013, Jonty at a mere 4 months of age took all before him being judged as Best Group 2 Kitten in Rings 2 and 3 and Best Male Kitten in Ring 1. A fabulous
honour for Kalinya and one never achieved previously at such a prestigious show. He enjoyed his success and was very happy at any and all times to be brought from his cage
to be presented and patted by the adoring general public. Great work Jonty !!!
But Jonty's destiny had been cvhsoen well before any show success as along came Clive Bray from New Zealand, a man also passionate about breeding "pure" Siamese and
about having them return to New Zealand.  We had already agreed to let Clive import Jonty in to his Whangarei home for a future as a stud. Once with Clive 25th April 2013, so
began his New Zealand life. Early shows as a kitten, Jonty continued to enjoy success and his qualities recognised by many judges both local and visiting overseas. With
maturity came a change in not only type but also his desire to be at a show, so much so that Clive stopped exhibiting him. Being a stud cat, this was the best decision for Jonty
as his career as a stud was far more important than attending cat shows.
Jonty brought with him a new and strong friendship between Clive and Tony and many an hour would be spent on Skype talking all things Siamese and the obligatory rivalry we
had with our NRL teams, Tony's South Sydney Rabbitohs and Clive's St George-Illawarra Dragons.
Then Clive's World was devastated by the news that he had a severev and virulent brain tumour. Far too quickly this cancer took hod of Clive and no amount of treatment could
keep him with his family and his cats.

The agreement Clive and Kalinya had was that should something happen to Clive that Jonty would be returned to his birthplace to continue to Siamese journey. Arrangements
were made and on 6th July 2016, Jonty returned to his Kalinya home. Settling him in seemed to go well with his stud house accommodating him, eating well and enjoying his
cuddles. Then on  30th July 2016 whilst being patted and stroked by Tony. Jonty turned and savaged his hand without any provocation. Emergency medical teatment and five
stitches later, some serious discussions, considerations and decisions had to me made. With our Jazzi coming on call, Bev and I decided to put her in with Jonty for mating. This
happened without incident almost immediately. The following morning Jonty had trapped Jazzi in his studhouse not allowing her to move. This is intolerable to most breeders
and certainly was to us. This reaffrimed that Jonty had become ferocious and unable to be trusted nor handled, and it was with a heavy heart  that we decided his fate was to
reunite him with his former owner Clive over the rainbow bridge. This is not a genetic trait but rather a consequence of misadventure & grieving for his buddy Clive. At Kalinya
we cannot have a stud male who cannot be handled and the alternatives of desexing, rehoming, persevering where each considered, however the ferocity shown and
uncertainty ongoing outweighed all options other than to reunite him with Clive. This was a very sad day for us on 8th August 2016.

On the brighter side, Jonty and Jazzi provided us with four beautiful kittens, 1 choc pt female (Jontelle) and 3 seal pt males (Manwyl, Quinlan, Jindi)  each with the previously lost
lines of
Kaloke Mandu and Blakewood Oriemme (Jonty's parents). Both Kalinya and Satiny Siamese are thrilled at this birth and it was the best gift being
also on my birthday 11th October 2016. This litter has as at the time of my writing, has produced Kalinya's first ever
SUPREME EXHIBIT in SHOW (Quinlan) at the Siamese Cat
Society's 60th Anniversary All Breeds Championship Show on 20th March 2017.Two week prior, Jontelle earned Best Group 2 Exhibit in Ring confirming her quality which is
remaining at Kalinya to continue these lines.

Jonty, you have provided Kalinya with many highs and lows during your short life and we are saddened in knowing that you are no longer with us to continue the fabulous
and long awaited awarded and recognised development with our "pure" Siamese breeding. You have made such a difference Jonty and left us with some beautiful Siamese as
reminders of who you were and who has owned you.
12th January 2011 - 20th March 2018
Certainly a Kalinya family member Never To Be Forgotten for so many reasons!! Our Blakewood
Oriemme, imported from USA in 2011, has been taken from us way too soon following a life
impacted by some wonderful highs but some terrible lows.
A beautiful seal point Siamese female, Oriemme (bred by Bill & Kathi Hoos) arrived with us in our
home 1st January 2012. This had been quite a wait following our sending Kalinya Kwantus (choc pt
male) to USA in 2007 then waiting for an appropriate mating, one which would provide a little more
extreme head type to our more traditional lines. Look at her pictures to see how well this was
achieved :)) An unusual and unexplained arrival with Oriemme was that she had the brightest pink
nose leather and paw pads rather than the "dark seal brown" as required by breeding standards.

Oriemme was possessed with such a unique personality....just loved Bev, loved our eldest breeding
queen Milla and her subsequent siblings, BUT was resistant to displays of affection towards Tony.
As time passed by Oriemme allowed Tony some affection, mainly after each of his visits to the toilet
and on cold nights snuggled in to him on top of the bedding...just couldn't get too close!!
Oddly, Tony was her best friend whenever she was not well and whilst giving birth, It was as if she
knew who was the driver to get her to the vets quickly and assist with being her vet nurse during
consultation. Sadly, this happened too often as Nature disappointed us with each of Oriemme's five
litters bringing sadness tinged with some ecstasy due to some random stunning kitten/s. Enduring
two chronic bouts of mastitis, losing more kittens than survived, we decided following her 11th
October 2014 litter that enough was enough & to have Oriemme spayed to have her spend her time
with Milla as she always has done and assist her to raise her babies.

This very special girl did produce some stunning kittens who have went on to the show bench to not
only do their owners very proud but to so strongly promote Kalinya Siamese. The pics to the right
demonstrate why they were and in some instances, continue to be successful

Our absolute total thanks to Bill & Kathi for working with us along this journey & for allowing us to
bring in to Australia, Blakewood Oriemme.

We laid Oriemme to rest 20th March 2018 having made the decision to relieve her of the suffering
which comes with acute renal failure. Our Kalinya family view her site from our lounge room window
amidst the native tress that attracted so many birds which fascinated Oriemme.

Oriemme, at 7 years and 2 months, you have been taken from us all way to soon, but although
Dante 260612
Jonty 031212
Hazel  020813
Charlie (Inglis)  111014
Rabbitohs premiership litter  111014
5th September 2006 - 19th May 2018
Our finest ever Kalinya and Siamese ambassador DbGdCh Kalinya Thomasina travelled over the Rainbow Bridge
19th May 2018 having succumbed to renal failure. Thomi as she was affectionately known, was a chocolate point who
throughout her life here at Kalinya behaved as a tomboy, hence the nickname rather than the princess -like full name.
Thomi was one of the few who returned to us on 11th July 2007 aged 10 months. In short, she was rescued via her
microchip from an abusive environment that had her arrive back in to our home with injuries requiring immediate
surgical correction. Many a cat would have been traumatised by events she must have endured but not our Thomi. All
our Kalinya family accepted Thomi back into the family and with evidence of such a wonderful nature, Bev & I decided to
keep her to spend her life with us all.
With a veterinary clearance that all was well for Thomi to breed, she gave birth via caesarean to 6 babies 18th
December 2007 each finding loving homes from Wagga Wagga to Adelaide to Sydney. Thomi's next litter 28th October
2008 was also by caesarean, producing one kitten who sadly passed away Day 5. We then made the decision to have
Thomi spayed whilst under anaesthetic, as this was operation number 3 for her,& enough was enough. She was left to
then enjoy a life of leisure, mischief & promoting our Cattery in the wonderful ownership of a Siamese. And what a
fabulous job Thomi did in promoting, as she would always greet any and many visitors to our home with purrs and
allowing cuddles and rubbing around their feet and legs. Irreplaceable is our Thomi!!

When we relocated from Wagga Wagga back to Wollongong in 2008, Thomi decided that she would like to live in the
outside cattery with Shabou, a choice both loved and enjoyed until the day she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Always the
tomboy though, she would occasionally come back in to our house to check out what was going on & what food was
being served. Thomi and Shabou being our only two cats to be allowed to roam free in our backyard (unable to escape
its boundaries), often found us chastising Thomi for being the hunter. Her size was let's say above average, however
her skill and speed were also very well above average. Thankfully her "give away" cry that she had a captive,
presented an opportunity for Bev or I to rescue the captive.

We are certain Shabou will miss his closest feline companion, however we are very very certain that Bev and I and the
Home of Kalinya Siamese will miss her even more.
8th December  2014 - 17th January 2019
(PRA: Normal/clear, carries chocolate
Kalinya OM Jazzi  at far to young an age was let go to travel over the Rainbow
Bridge in January 2019. As quite a recent addition to the future of Kalinya and
Siamese, Jazzi was kept to ensure dad Outback's lines he carries remain with us.
Jazzi was a very nice type with lovely ear size & placement, terrific eye shape and a
much deeper blue eye colour than Mum or Dad. She developed into a lovely long,
slender girl with a long whip-like tail to best balance. Her very best feature though
was her personality. She would meet, greet and love all that came across her,
whether it was home at Kalinya or on the show bench.
Jazzi's short breeding life produced some outstanding examples of the "pure"  
Siamese breed. Kalinya YJ Sherwood (dob 9.1.16) under the ownership of Jay &
Amie Hobbs has accrued many titles from his successful attendance at cat shows
reaching the heights at National Shows. He has enthused many with his personality
to contact Kalinya for a kitten. Then on my birthday 11th Octiober 2016, Jazzi's
mating by Kalinya MO Gentilhomme produced not only our Jontelle, but our very
first Supreme Exhibit in Show with Kalinya GJ Quinlan as a 6 months old seal point.
This after 50 years from commencement of breeding Siamese!!!
What a legacy Jazzi has left not only Kalinya but "pure" Siamese

Unfortunately not all went well with Jazzi's future pregnancy as whilst she was
recovering from a serious infection and damaged kidneys, she aborted her kittens
at the 4 weeks age. Our decision was not to mate Jazzy again preferring to have
her desexed to spend the remainder of her life with us as a spay. Sadly, before we
could have her in a condition to undergo this surgery, her condition deteriorated to
a level requiring the hardest decision of all....to have her euthanased,

I will forever miss my shadow, my sleeping parther, her greetings at the door
whenever I arrived home, however one thing is for certain
Jazzi 060615
Jazzi 230515
Gd Ch. Lao Sabisha is a blue point lady and having been a very successfiul
brood queen for Kalinya is now a lady of leisure having been spayed Nov. 2010.
She is a lovely strong type with very nice blue colouring and she also has a
straight profile with strong chin. As a blue pt she displays the "naughtiness" that
seems to accompany being blue. That's if our Pharaya is anything to go by!!
Sabisha has been our most prolific mum having produced litters with 6, 7, 8,
9,with the occasional 5 & 3 kittens, & rearing each of them without supplementing.
Her strong outcross lines enabled us to continue to provide strong healthy kittens
to our siamese customers.
Many Many thanks to Jacques and Elizabeth Grenot for allowing us to have her.

Sabisha shared her living quarters for just over 8 years with one of her early sons
Leo who thankfully returned to us via us rescuing him from Wyong Pound in June
2011 as a 5 years old. During this time she also shared with Za, Squeaky, Jochan
and Jacob. She was always in charge but in a gentle way. The boys just knew her
role and their place in Sabisha's kingdom.
Until the day we let Sabisha go over the Rainbow Bridge she displayed the most
delicate of blue in her points colour and the gentlest of blue body shading. She
will be remembered for this but also the wonderful Siamese Mum she was to her
many offspring. A lady now gone who
24th February 2004 - 13th September 2019
12th October 2016
5th September 2006 - 12th October 2019
Kalinya Leo is a chocolate point Siamese neuter who we rescued from Wyong Pound in June
Through different adventures & a rehoming by his original purchaser, we have been lucky
enough to save Leo from a fateful end.
When he arrived back with us he was severely under wieght being only 3 kgs. He went straight
to our vet for a health check including vaccinating & worming. Once back at an acceptable
weight & showing a healthy strong demeanour we offered him for rehoming. Two attempts
were unsuccessful due to him not being comfortable in another new environment, bearing the
legacy of the trauma suffered whilst "roaming free"..
Each time he returned to us he showed immense satisfaction at being "back home".
Leo the
n also developed the urge to spray, a trait sometimes associated to males & also
Bev & I understanding Leo's history & his obvious love for his Kalinya home decided that Leo's
home for life would be with us.

Leo did venture to the show bench from time to time and the judges remarks were usually very
favourable of his length of body, length of tail and his amazing coat colour which he inherited
from his Dad Outback.

He share
d an outside cattery with Sabisha (RIP) and Jochan (RIP) losing his Mum Sabisha a
month prior to his passing over the Rainbow Bridge. Undoutedly it was the loss of his mum and
a tumour found in his stomach under examination minutes before he left us which quickly had
debilitated Leo in the weeks after Sabisha left us.
Leo knew how to be loved and although a nervy boy at heart from the trauma endured earlier
in his life, he also knew how to cuddle and purr. We at Kalinya were certainly very fortunate to
have Leo return to our home and now he has crosed the rainbow Bridge to reunite with his
mum Sabisha, he