Helpful CAT Related Sites
The Siamese Cat Society of New South Wales Inc. - a must visit
site for details on anything Siamese !!
The Feline Association of New South Wales Inc. (TFA),        the Feline
Governing Body in New South Wales, Australia. Contains all the answers to
the FAQ's about Breeding, Show Dates and Venues, Cats of the Year and so
much more.
- for all creatures great and small.
- must visit website for all the information you require to import to and export
from Australia -
Australian Quarantine Inspection Station
Australian Cat Federation Inc.  (ACF) - has affiliates in all Australian
States & Territories
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Reidun provides so much information re Cats
from Norway and an extensive breeder's
listing !!  Cat Names to choose as well !!
- comprehensive directory for listings of all topics including
Breeders of Australian Pets
A must visit site for anything CAT ! Genetics, Breeders, Care .....
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cats, long lasting with odour control, high absorbency, biodegradeable
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