Myths and Legends
This colour, virtually unknown to the everyday cat, is a distinct feature
of the Siamese breed. The classic blue eyes are said to have been the
result of a gift from God. The legend states that when Barbarians
threatened to destroy the temple altar in ancient Siam, the cats
defended strongly and repelled the savage invaders. Siamese cats were
rewarded by the everlasting gift of their exquisite blue eyes.
This was said to have been won on a battle-field when cats defended
the Golden goblet. The cat's eyes were riveted so firmly together
that when the battle was won they were left with a permanent squint.
Crossed Eyes
The Sacred Siamese Temple cats were left in charge of an expensive
vase and in order to guard this property they curled their tails around
it and stared so hard that their eyes became permanently crossed.
Kinked Tail
This was said to have originated when the Royal princesses were
taking a bath. The cats allowed the princesses to place their valuable
bracelets and rings on the end of their tails for safe keeping. To
prevent these from falling off, the Temple cats knotted their tails and
after a while a permanent kink developed especially for this purpose.
Kalinya's Legend !!
Yes, we have our very own Legend and we are very, very proud of him.  His name is CCCA Ch & Gld Dbl
Gd Ch Kalinya Sir Rocky
. After more years than we care to remember, Bev and I were fortunate to not
only breed "Rocky" but to also have him purchased by Rob and Marg Gill and take residence at Woonona,
New South Wales. This meant that he was living only 15 minutes from us and when babysitting was required
- Bev & I were only to pleased to welcome him "home". The success of Rocky has been due to not only his
Siamese quality but also to the dedication & enthusiasm Rob & Marg provided once becoming members of
NSWCFA & joining the Cat Show circuit.
Rocky is a tremendous ambassador for not only Siamese ownership but also for adding a feline to a home.

Keep up the good work Rocky !!
CCCA Ch & Gld Dbl Gd Ch  Kalinya
Sir Rocky
D.O.B. 18th February 2000.
Sire: Addeiam Satiny Solomon
   (imp. UK). Seal point Siamese
Dam: Ch. Kalinya Chamron
     Seal point Siamese.
3.6.2000  Siamese Cat Society Show
 Best Siamese Kitten Ring 1
 1st Top 5 Male Kittens.
Memorable Achievements
2000 NSW C.F.A. 2nd Male Kitten
of the Year Group 2.
2001 NSW C.F.A. 5th Neuter Cat of
the Year Group 2.
2002 NSW C.F.A. 5th Neuter Cat of
the Year Group 2.