Other Australian Cat Sites
Yes, there are some other cat breeds !!
Barcoo Cattery - birthplace of our Squeaky. Visit this site to see plenty of
British Shorthair and Scottish Fold info and pics.
Banyalla Cattery - Hill Top in the Southern Highlands is where you will
find Brad and Sharon with their Cattery of British Shorthair and Scottish
Fold. Just an easy 1 hours drive south of Sydney you will find their cattery.
Inspections very welcome!
Coolcoons Cattery - visit Fiona's cattery in Hill Top in the Southern
Highlands, New South Wales and see her majestic Maine Coon cats.
Show winning and always striving to improve the breed.
Raska Cattery - Brad & Di first started showing cats in NSW in 1998 and
now are regular exhibitors, workers & promotors of the ownership of a Cat.
Recognising the majesty, dignity and temperament of the Russian Blue,they
are now respected breeders of them. Living in Western Sydney, please
contact them for non-demanding, agreeable, quiet and proud Russian Blue.