Kalinya Cattery is a small cattery with only three breeding females. We continue to remain small,
breeding for quality not quantity, so as to be able to provide the care, love and devotion that can
best assist us in rearing healthy, socialised kittens for their new owners.
Kittens are usually available to go to their new homes between 12 - 14 weeks of age. Each will be
desexed, vaccinated twice, litter trained, wormed, registered with CatsNSW & microchipped.
The majority of our kittens are sold as pets, with the few exceptions heading to the show bench or
for breeding. If a new owner requires the original Registration Certificate, it can be forwarded once
proof of desexing has been received (Veterinarian's letter or certificate).

To acquire a quality
Kalinya Siamese kitten in to your home will be both rewarding and
therapeutic. No other animal can provide such peaceful company and no other pet is as fastidious
in it's habits or as easy to keep and care for. The following hints are provided to help you look
after a
Kalinya kitten correctly.

Firstly, keep your kitten confined inside your home or purpose built cattery. They are reared to be
indoors and as a valued member of your family should remain there. If at all possible, try to pick
your kitten up at a time when you can arrange to be at home for a few days.Introduce your kitten
to it's bed, litter tray and feeding area and allow to explore one room at a time at it's own pace.
After the kitten has eaten, take to the litter tray and offer praise when it is used. Other pets should
be introduced to the new arrival slowly and under close supervision. To avoid jealousy, make sure
you do not neglect your other pets.

BEDDING:  a kitten needs its own private bed (usually yours) in to which it can retire to rest at any
time, and where it soon learns that it will be left undisturbed.

TOILET TRAY: a shallow tray with a supply of litter (Woody Pet, OZ-Pet, Breders Choice, recycled
paper cat litter) placed on a large sheet of newspaper or plastic in a convenient corner, fairly near
to the kitten's bed. The tray should be kept clean and dry at all times. We recommend "F10"
biosecurity disinfectant, "DELETE" disinfectant, or "DOMESTOS" bleach. It is recommended that
one (1) tray per cat in a household is provided
plus one (1) extra  i.e. 3 cats = 4 litter trays.

FEEDING:    three (3) meals per day up to 6 months of age, then two (2) per day from that age
onwards. Our kittens are generally raised on a qualitytinned food variety for breakfast and with a
semi-lean beef/roo meat for evening meal. PAWS from Woolworths & Coles Supermarkets we find
is both economical and of good consistent quality. It can be given raw or cooked. We serve it raw.
Other meals can be cooked chicken mince (taking care to remove any bones), cooked fish, raw or
cooked chicken, chicken wings, rice mixed with chicken or beef stock, cooked lamb's heart (not too
often). Of course, any of the dry foods can also be served as they now offer a very balanced and
nutritious meal. Kittens and adult cats have different requirements so you really do need to use a
food specifically designed for each important stage of life  i.e. kitten, adult, senior.
                     Hill's Science Diet has been formulated to meet your kitten's unique nutritional
                     needs, and enrich and lengthen your pet's life. Your veterinarian recommends
                     Science Diet and can help you choose the formula that is right for your pet
                     during every stage of life.

Occasionally, evening meals are sprinkled with LoveEm liver treats or similar.
A fresh bowl of water must always be available as this is your cat's preferred drink. Avoid cow's

HEALTH:    your kitten has been vaccinated with Fevac-3 (inactivated) to protect against Feline
Infectious Enteritis and Flu with booster shots due again as detailed on the vet card provided with
your kitten.
Worming should be continued monthly until the age of six (6) months then every three months. Be
careful to not over medicate with worming products.

CLEANING: Fleas - use a flea comb. Remember, fleas carry tapeworm, so it is up to you to keep
your animal as clean as possible. Flea treatments such as Frontline and Advantage are very
effective and long lasting but please follow directions carefully.

TOYS: you must provide toys and learn how to play with your kitten to develop its reflexes and
motor co-ordination. Ideal toys are table-tennis balls, golf balls. large feathers, thick string and


Bev and Tony are always happy to answer any questions you need answered, so please phone,
email or consult your Vet.