Breeders of "Pure" Siamese
Siamese Cat Sites - listed are those who are still maintaining the "pure" breed.
i.e. minimum 8 generations Siamese seal point, chocolate point, blue point or lilac point.
Satiny Cattery - a family of UK imports down in the Illawarra, near
Wollongong, New South Wales. The home of many of our babie's "dad".
Anne is a terrific supporter of our cattery, so please visit her site.
Jingili Cattery - in Baulkham Hills, Sydney, New South Wales, the home
of the sires of many of our litters. Not many "purists" would escape the
support and knowledge of this breeder - Valda McDermott
Garthowen Cattery - Tamworth, New South Wales is where you will
find house reared seal, blue and chocolate point siamese. Now also the
proud owner of Kalinya Outback Jackman - a seal point stud male.
Congratulations on achieving 3rd Group 2 Male Cat of the Year 2008
with Jackman.
Karrina Cattery - Christine Schmid is another longtime breeder of the sacred
Siamese using well established traditional lines. Located in Sydney.
Seki Cattery- Donna is a breeder of Siamese and Orientals formerly of
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory now of Adare, Queensland  A lot of very
useful pedigree information from this breeder
Christernee Cattery- Peter and Christine are
newcomers to Siamese breeding but they have many
many years working with animals, breeding horses &
resourcing the knowledge & information that they need
to be successful. They have a chocolate pt female from
us, Aaliyah,  who is producing some nice strong
kittens.Congratulations on achieving BEST Group 2
Male Cat of the Year 2008 and 2009 with Satiny Sepheus
Having purchased a kitten from them in January 2011,
we thank them for providing us with our oldest Kalinya
lines in Christernee Milla.

Living at Bilpin, western Sydney - please contact them
for your next Siamese.
Astraxalotte Cattery - Lee & Cheryl at Singleton, NSW although relative
newcomers to the World of breeding Siamese have researched, chosen well & bred
to maintain & improve the genetic strength of this breed. Congratulations on
achieving 5th Group 2 Male Cat of the Year 2008 with Astraxalotte Onesimo.
Full Circle Cattery- Sharryn & John Hilton-Ferguson
having acquired two choc pt females, Allure & Dejavu,
from Bev & I in early 2008 are now not only showing them
at selected events but are also enjoying the breeding of
lovely strong Siamese kittens.
Graystons Cattery - Sioux and Heidi are total devotees to the "one breed,
pure"  Siamese. Breeding from strong genetic lines they provide healthy
kittens with excellent temperamnets from the care and attention given to them
when reared in their home. Yes they are in Tasmania, however with airline
transport can be delivered anywhere in Australia.
Lextris Cattery - A small breeder in Emu Park, 45 klms east of Rockhampton,
Queensland who simply adores Siamese. A cattery which holds temperment as
the most important thing next to health. And of course their simple beauty and
mischievous nature, believing like most of us Siamese breeders that anyone can
fall in love with them.
Chrysalis Cattery  -  Georgine is a well known and respected breeder of
Royal sacred Siamese since 1980's.believing that quality, healthy, well
adjusted cats are not only selectively bred to be beautiful, but by also being
raised in a home environment, the kittens go to their new homes as spoilt
family members from day one. Crysalis Cattery is based north side Brisbane,
Queensland. but you will find that my cats have happy owners in all states of
Australia and overseas. Please visit her Website for testimonials.
Targaryen Cattery - Jaimie & Steve are proud to be
breeders of these rare, pure 8-generation siamese cats and
kittens. We only have pure Siamese - there are NO crosses
(example - oriental) in our lines. I am a third generation
siamese cat breeder. Following in the footsteps of my
grandma and mum. Located in Albany, WA we can ship
nationally & internationally.
Montresor Cattery - located in Cairns, Queensland,  Catherine &
her family provide a very special place with two breeding programs
that run in parallel: Classic Siamese, and Coloupoint Siamese. From
the traditional 4 colours (seal,chocolate, blue,lilac).... to the more
exotic colours of lilac tortie point and cream point. Their cats are
registered with QFA, and share their everyday life.
Lookatmese Cattery - locared in South Australia and breeding pure Siamese in
the four classic colours - Seal Point, Blue Point, Chocolate Point and Lilac Point.
*DACO registrered GCCFSA Breeder 2020-21.
They are terrific amabassadors for not only our Kalinya Siamese but for "pure"
Siamese exhibiting them at Cat Shows with greta success!!
Ecumene Cattery -  located at Colo Vale in the Southern Highlands, Claire &
Jackson are breeding quality "pure" Siamese and Burmese enjoying show success
from time to time.
Trushka Cattery -  located in South Australia, a Lover of Siamese since birth.
My Nanna bred Siamese in the UK and Australia.  I have never lived with out a
Siamese and started breeding in my early 20s. Breeding strong, loving and healthy
Siamese is my aim.
Sensabai Cattery -  We are primarily a small home-run Burmese and Siamese
cattery operating near Windsor, Sydney, NSW. and resumed breeding Burmese
then added breeding pure Siamese in each of the four colours (seal, blue,
chocolate and lilac).