Last updated 31st May 2020
What you can expect from adding a KALINYA SIAMESE to your Home
Ananda (right) and his
travelling companion to
Phuket , Angel (left)
Nala with her new family one
hour after arriving 100514
Nala helping Alicia with her
howmework Day 2. Clever
girls!!  110514
Kalinya Sokai (known as Ananda) and Shiloh Valentine Angel go to Phuket, Thailand as the very latest "pure"
Siamese to resurrect the breeding of these beautiful cats in their Country of Origin. Thanks to the cooperation
of Sandra Sweetman (Shiloh Cattery) and the passion shown by Laura Vallati (Thai Manee Cattery) for this
venture,  these two wonderfully natured & robust Siamese it is hoped will breed some beautiful Siamese babies.
Ananda &
Angel Day 1
Ananda (left) & Angel (right)
relaxed & settled Day 2 Phuket
Ananda with his new dad
Daniel,  Day 2 Phuket 240514.  
Such a lovley nature for a stud!!
May 2014
June 2014
A new business opportunity has been accepted by Laura and Daniel which will now find Ananda, Angel and Max
relocate to The Bahamas. This will all be an experince once again for these two Siamese which will be
undertaken with caution but completed with sound results due to each of their personalities.
It will bring the
Kalinya and Shiloh "pure" Siamese lines close to USA to hopefully be appreciated by those many
breeders of the Siamese breed.
Ananda and Max (Rhodesian
Ridgeback) playing 050614
On the Move 2014
Nala with Lulu (English
Pointer) 240514
"Nala is just delightful and has settled in well, doing all the "right" things!!  What a sweet
heart Nala is."   
The Ward family, Bella Vista, Sydney    March 2015 relocated to Singapore
"Thanks again very much for such wonderful babies and for all your help! . Thanks for the warm
encouragement, you guys are the best!"   
-  Laura, Thai Manee Siamese
June 2014
Cooper and Evan settled in well and truly Day One . They are both doing
well. Again thankyou very much for the dude boys. Will keep in touch.
June 2015
Jakai has settled in so well that it's like he's been here forever. If I put an order
in for all the qualities I would want in a kitten, they have come to me in the form
of a perfect Siamese, Jakai.
Jakai never ceases to bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. He's
amazing! He's playful, inquisitive, eccentric, hugely entertaining, has loads of
spunk but isn't naughty or a handful. He has just recently become a
kleptomaniac - he knows how to remove pegs from the clothes-horse and
loves to 'steal' undies and socks. He marches through the house with them in
his mouth, growling. He has me in hysterics!!
He is such a delight and I swear he thinks he is a dog, his
favourite pastime is to have a ball thrown and he literally fetches
it, brings it back and paws you if you ignore it for too long before
throwing it again.  He greets me every evening at the door and
just constantly talks until I finally sit down and he settles down on
my lap.
April 2015
Liz,  Wollongong
Arna,   Kiama
Tracy & Bill,   Canberra
Billy and Beegu (our dog) are great playmates and generally get along
well (although Beegu will not let Billy snuggle up to her or groom her...as
he has tried to do).  Unfortunately I couldn’t get any pouncing shots.  Billy’s
favourite activity is playing fetch and he will do this for as long as you can
put up with it.
May 2015
Fiona,   Adelaide
May 2016
"Tell Tony & Bev that Moet is the most
spectacular cat we've had in more
than 40 yrs of Siamese parenting. He's
very smart & very spoilt also a real
support for Bob on his cancer journey
last year    
Thank you Cathy"
The following is a referral from a current owner of Kalinya Outback Moet to
prospective and now current owner of Kalinya SD Garvan, Iris and Dale.
May 2016
Hi,  just wanted to let you know that
"Kermie" - now OTTO, is the most
amazing cat, and totally spoilt
rotten. Thank you so much
Emily, Helensburgh
Bawley (formerly known as Beejay) is a beautiful cat and has settled in and become part of our family.
Our boys love him to bits and he is very playful. I have attached a few pics for you to look at.
Erin and Mick. Barrack Heights
May 2016
Garvan is now Morpheus - the Greek God of dreams!  We had a few names picked up but
when we saw Garvan and got to know him in the car, Morpheus seemed to fit him.  He is
answering to it already - or maybe it is the 'puss, puss, puss' we add.  Anyway, we like to
think he is answering to it.

Morpheus traveled very well - he hardly made a sound all the way home and dozed happily
in the cat box.  When we arrived home he was very frightened - too much happening and
very overwhelming for him.  We set him up in our bedroom with his litter, food and water
and made sure the electric blanket was on.  All he did was hide under the bed which we
were expecting but he refused any food or water.  When we went to bed, he still wouldn't
come out so we tucked him back into the cat box with the warm blanket and closed the
door.  At about 6am he was ready to come out.  We fed our other cat, Tosca and put Pogo
outside and spent some serious cuddle time with Morpheus.  He came around pretty
quickly but still wouldn't eat.  

We spent the day with Morpheus and he finally ate some food when Dale sat Morpheus on
his lap in the sun and fed him with a spoon.  He was a very hungry kitten by then.  Later,
Morpheus did a wee followed by a nice big poo in his litter tray.

As you can see, I ended up buying him a little sheepskin coat (a dog coat but he doesn't
know that).  It was very cold on Sunday and he was happier staying out in our family room
that is difficult to heat.  Morpheus had another meal before bed then snuggled between
Dale and me in our bed.  Tosca, who had been growling and hissing was happy enough
to sleep on her usual spot on the bed next to Dale.  
Pogo was very funny.  He was overjoyed to see Morpheus - which of course was terrifying
for the poor little thing.  Poor Pogo just wanted to sniff and play with Morpheus but every
time Pogo got close Dale or I would chase him away and make him sit on his mat.  
Tonight Pogo was much calmer about Morpheus and Morpheus was calmer about Pogo
so we let them say hello to each other.  You can see in the photo that Morpheus is a bit
hesitant but also curious, so I think that will settle down nicely.

Tosca is still a bit cranky but is settling slowly.  We can now have both Tosca and
Morpheus sitting on adjoining chairs in the family room but Tosca will growl and carry on if
Morpheus tries to approach her.  He has quickly learned not to jump around too much
around Tosca and to keep an eye on her.  I actually think she is accepting Morpheus much
faster than she did Charlie.  Maybe it is because she is so much older, or maybe because
she misses cat company.  Again, I am confident it will settle down but we are locking
Morpheus in our bedroom when we are out just in case.  I am expecting they will be better
friends by the weekend and we will review those arrangements.

Morpheus is a lovely companion - he is playful and affectionate.  He loves a lap and is very
glad to see both Dale and me.  He has a cute little face and loves his tummy being
scratched.  He is such a delight.  We showed Cathy and Bob our photos and they were
thrilled for us.  As are we.

Thank you so much for our lovely little puss.  I hope you like the name - it is unusual but it
does seem to suit him.  
Iris and Dale Carter, ACT
May 2016
On the Move 2015
Another new business opportunity encouraged  Laura and Daniel to again relocate family to London, UK.
Seasoned travellers like Ananda and Angel will take this all in their stride. Unfortunately Ananda has been
desexed due to accommodation requirements, however he certainly will continue to enjoy a life of luxury with
May 2016
Au Revoir
After a 66 hours journey from Sydney to Dubai to Nice, Kalinya YJ Elijah
of Diamond Life
, an entire male, chocolate point arrives ........

"Elijah is going very well, he is very friendly with the other guys;)
He jumps around and "makes bread" all the time and everywhere! (Even
alone in the air as you can see the pictures!) Elijah is a cross between
kangaroo and a cockatoo ... Jump as a kangaroo and as white as a
cockatoo . he's a very nice little boy
And he grows like a weed!!!
He's tall large boy, with very nice straight long profile, and beautiful head
shape, nice ears and good ears set , long legs, long tail, very nice white coat
Just the eyes are just little bit closer and a little clear. they could have been
darker for chocolate, but Elijah is very beautiful and sweet ( nice temper is
really important) and he still will change a lot."
Manuella, Nice, France
November 2016
George and Charlotte meets Dylan and miniature poodle Charlie. Dog meets cat took a
couple of days but all is well now with the usual outcome.....Cats Rule!!

Naomi and Paul. Albion Park, NSW
Just wanted to wish you both a very Merry Christmas and also let you
know that our adorable boys are both doing very well. Inca is now over
2kg and very active keeping us all amused. Odin is of course bigger
and over 2.2kg also very active. They are both adored and very loving
in return. We are so lucky to have them.

                                                                                                  Diana and Don. Young, NSW
November 2016
Just wanted to touch base given we are just over two weeks with our boy.
He is doing so well, now 1.98 kg but we believe he rampaged the 20g off
before we got to weigh him. Everything going so well and we are
now enjoying cuddles and purrs & lots of lap time. He is definitely a character
and he & Ghinja have settled into a lovely relationship...lots of rampaging,
tussling & then cuddling when exhaustion strikes.
They slept with us for the 1st time last nite. We're really delighted with the way
it's turned out. Thanks for giving us such a well adjusted well socialised kitty...
with a ferocious appetite!!! ������
Sam and Brooke.Balmain NSW
November 2016
Just a quick update to let you know Mr.Bitey is healthy, and happy, and
has become a loved member of the family. (He’s walking over my
keyboard as I type this.)

My girls love him to bits and spoil him rotten. He has also been great
company for myself during the day. The girls are amazed that he will
actually fetch a scrunched-up piece of paper for me and return it to the
couch every time I throw it. He has a cat igloo in each room but sleeps
with m
y wife and I in bed each night.

Thanks again for breeding and raising such an amazing, beautiful,
healthy, and well-socialized cat.

 Anthony & Girls, Moss Vale NSW
March 2020